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Federal Law Update 
Butler Bio
Butler Paper 
Headley Bio
Butler Headley PPT
State Law Update
Carlson Paper 
Burns Paper
Burns PPT 
Conversations In and Out of the Workplace: A Panel Discussion 
Crawford PPT
Who's Who: Employer, Employee or Other
 Valderrama PPT
Can We Talk? Communicating with Witnesses
Saturday August 26
 Getting Social Media Into Evidence
Wolf PPT
Wolf Paper
 From Parties to Presidents: Using Statements to Prove Intent
Boulette Bio
 The Dispersed Workforce: A Panel Discussion
Trang Tran Bio
Trang Tran Paper
Trang Tran PPT 
LGBT: THe Scope of "Sex" Discrimination
Bacon PPT
Bacon Paper
 NLRB Update
Tanner PPT
Tanner Paper
A View of Employment Cases from the Federal Bench
Rodriguez Bio
Appellate Issues in Employment Cases
 Non-Compete and the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act, TUTSA: An Annotated Live Demonstration
Steele Paper
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Patton Bio
 Leave: ADA, FMLA, Religion, and Pregnancy
Grider Paper
Anti-SLAPP and the Defamation Mitigation Act
Gillespie Paper 
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Client Conducted Investigations: Work Product and Privilege Issues
Sanford Paper
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